How have you handled your divorce at work?

June 4, 2020

Going through an intense life event like a divorce can scatter your train of thought in ways you may not anticipate. Have you told your boss about your split? Should you?

Fast Company offers tips for handling your divorce at work. Know who you need to tell at your workplace, and what divorce details to share.


Sit down with someone from HR to share the news about your split. Your current spouse may be on your health insurance or retirement/pension plan. Also, you need to change your marital status for payroll, so you pay the right amount when the next tax season rolls around.

Your boss

Your manager or supervisor deserves to know about your divorce, mainly because your work performance could take a dip as you navigate the mental and emotional minefield that often comes with divorce. Also, you may need to change your work schedule to attend court dates or meetings with your legal advocate. You only have to tell your boss the basics, you do not have to go into details.

Future employment

Maybe divorce has you thinking about future employment opportunities and your future financial health. Such pondering may make you feel that you should quit your job or turn down a raise so you do not have to pay more alimony or child support. You are better off not making hasty decisions right now, as they can backfire. Hold off on sudden or major decisions until after you complete the divorce process.

Your marital split is bound to impact your job. Use these tips to give yourself one less thing to worry about for the next chapter of your life.

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